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Hi! I’m Jen, and I’m glad you stopped by my blog. This started as a Caringbridge site when I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in December, 2013, but after a year I decided I wanted to talk about more than just cancer (or RA, or hip replacements…). It’s still a place for family and friends to get updates on my health “stuff,” so don’t panic if you’re here for that. You will still get all the juicy details – from MRI’s and bad waiting room music, to dueling doctors and things that are just so ridiculous they’re funny – I won’t leave you out, my awesome village. I just might share some other random thoughts and observations while I’m at it.

The title “Interrupted Stories” refers to the challenges we all face when our life stories go off script. It seems that each time I think I know where my story is headed, there’s a plot twist of some sort, and I’m forced to find my way in a new story. Perhaps you can relate. Either way, thanks for reading!

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